forum - magazine design / editorial

The aim was to innovate the look and feel of an established scholarship magazine without loosing any "seriousity". In order to make it cheap to produce the design was made to look the best in greyscale. Therefore the basic elements are not color-based such as typographic details, rounded left corners etc... Also the design of each article was sortet in the way pictures were used. In order to make it look interesting even scanning the pages quickly the pictures are placed in strategic positions.

Design parameters
Vertical page design
Sample-page with all vertical borders in usage
Text-only article
Introducing pictures
"Atmospheric intro" with large landscape pictures introducing an article
Portrait + Interview
Typo details
Title: only caps are small
Quotes and distinctions
"+" instead of "&"
"+" instead of "&"
Rounded corners according to the rounded head of the f in "forum"
Look + feel
Initails introduce every new article
Organic textflow instead of "blocks"
Extra space for marigal text and URLs with QR-codes
Whole design was made to look natural in grayscale.
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